2017 Season Kickoff

Here’s what’s happening in my CRAZY life…

I’m packing for my upcoming trip to the west coast. Ladies I know you’ll understand me when I say this, I’m having a “FAT” day. You know what I’m talking about. One of those days when you just don’t feel like your awesome self. My husband keeps telling me, “it’s all in your head.” But coming from his 0% body fat mouth- IT’S NO HELP! It’s not what’s in my head that’s bothering me, it’s what no longer fits in my size “?” pants that’s the problem!

Ever since we started shooting our new teaching series “Creating Crazy” worshipers, I’ve noticed I’ve been harder on myself than normal. It’s no secret that I’ve battled insecurity before, but there’s something about putting my face on the world wide web and then asking people to COMMENT that has really got my perfectionism chains rattling LOL.

Oddly enough, the entire video series has been focused around finding confidence through intimate relationship with God. Funny how God always seems to provide us with opportunities to walk out in practice, the things He’s revealing to us in spirit. Even now, as we approach the official launch this coming Friday, I’m still learning to trust His will over my own comfort. To push past these feelings of “less than” and walk in obedience. It’s a concept much easier said than done. But actions always begin as small decisions so, I hate to say it, but I guess my husband was right!

It really does boil down to what’s in my mind… Don’t tell him though!

Check out this weeks official launch of “Creating Crazy” HERE and remember to please subscribe, share and above all COMMENT ;)



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