Small beginnings

Here's What's Happening In My Crazy Life....

You may have noticed that our team released the first video of our new series “Creating Crazy” worshipers. It’s a new ministry program that’s designed to add a little more substance to our worship mission. If you missed it…no worries. You can catch the first video here.

Now, before you start building visions of grandeur about the new series allow me to interject with some humble transparency. I worked with Rize-N-Shine Media to purchase the right video and lighting equipment. They were a HUGE help however, when I placed my final order I did not realize that when you order lights…the lighting stands are sold separately! And since office every open box at my home becomes part of an elaborate hot wheels tunnel system for a certain 5 year old boy I know, I didn’t open the packages until the day of the shoot. I quickly realized I was in BIG trouble. But as you know, it’s hard to keep this Crazy girl from Cali down! I rigged up a broom handle for a stand and tied the lighting rig together with a couple of bikini bottoms. Looking at my “accomplishment” I despairingly thought to myself…I bet Oprah never had to deal with this mess!

Odd as it was, it worked! The set up lasted just long enough for me to shoot two videos. But then, when I sat down to watch the playback I realized I’d shot the entire thing out of focus!!!! I was frustrated and annoyed with my own inadequacy, not to mention the elasticity in my bikini bottoms was approaching its breaking point.

When my husband saw my set up he laughed and said, “You know you ought to take a picture of this…you never know where God will take this thing and it would be encouraging for people to know where you started.” I of course protested. I wanted it to be polished and perfect, it was a representation of the ministry. I answered in a “tone” and said, “ Do you think Joyce Meyers props her lights up with bikini bottoms?” But catching my sarcasm, he turned and offered some pretty sound wisdom…He said, “Maybe the reason your feeling so inadequate is because you’re trying to appear bigger than you really are. From that perspective… reality will always a disappointment. Just be yourself so you don’t miss the journey.”

God forgive me for despising the small beginnings… When they are what set the framework for your glory to be revealed.


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