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Here’s what’s happening in my CRAZY life…

Madness…sheer madness! In the last week I’ve done: two radio shows, three concerts, one speaking engagement, one studio session and one video shoot. Not to mention back-to-school shopping, doctor’s appointments and a mound of laundry the size of the Taj Mahal! In my last on-air interview with gospel WAVE radio, I was asked a GREAT question. Normally interview questions are fairly similar but this time the host asked me, “What are some of your weaknesses?” Since so much of the business side of this industry involves selling yourself, I don’t often get the chance to publicly discuss my faults. And trust me, I’VE GOT PLENTY. But in this case, without any deliberation, I answered, “time management!”

When God calls you to do something He doesn’t always give you an exact road map, at least not before you begin. There have been so many times when I’ve found the right balance, simply from experiencing the strain of imbalance. But God always leads and guides us into truth. When we submit our works to the Lord, and seek Him in private relationship, He’ll redirect us toward a more effective way of living. So even if time management becomes an area of weakness in this season. It’s not something to get hung up on, because it didn’t catch God off guard. That’s the beautiful thing about God, His love is so

incredible that even when we get off course, He always steers us back. But make no mistake, it’s much easier to steer a moving vehicle than a parked car!

Rather than sitting on your hands and waiting for every step in your “plan” to be revealed. Just begin taking small steps forward, and trust that God has His plan under control for your life. Check out the full interview on Gospel WAVE radio HERE


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