A Mother's Legacy

Here’s What’s Happening In My CRAZY Life…

We’re approaching the first day of school with our son JJ. He’s getting older but I’m still a firm believer that he is in desperate need of his own reality show!

We finally finished getting all his school supplies ready, and even though we still have five days to go, he’s got his clothes already perfectly laid out. Needless to say he’s pretty excited! I’m excited also, but more in disbelief that my little bundle of joy is now approaching kindergarten. Where has the time gone?

This new season is sure to be packed with more fun memories and plenty of opportunities for growth. At the same time he’s beginning this new chapter at school, he’s also facing some pretty significant health challenges. As a family, we’re trying to navigate these tough decisions with wisdom and faith. But if I’m being truly transparent, some days I’m amazed at just how easy the transition is from faith to fear --when I let my worries go unchecked. Peace tends to make a swift exit once my thoughts become overcrowded with “what if’s.”

I received some pretty profound counsel in a recent coaching session. The counsel was a reminder that as parents we set the framework for how our children will perceive God. For example, if our relational norm is distracted or preoccupied it sends the message that, like us, God may be indifferent to our needs. If our norm is critical and over demanding, it sends the message that God expects and even responds to perfection. So how can I expect my child to see God as the God in whom “I can do all things”…if I behave in a way that doesn’t trust God even in the small things?

It’s times like these that make me aware of how blessed I am to have had such an incredible role model. Even now, I can remember the sounds of my mother’s prayers filling the house some mornings. And I KNOW that many of the obstacles she faced were truly unimaginable. Throughout the changing obstacles she modeled trust and taught the importance of mourning the loss of my own “ideals” in order to face reality from a faith filled place.

I know that as a family we’ve got some tough roads ahead. But perhaps this is my opportunity to redefine my son’s perception of God. Perhaps the blessing behind JJ’s trial is that same quiet lesson of “yet still I will trust.” If so, then my greatest legacy won’t be left on stages around the world…it will be imprinted on the heart of my growing little boy!

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